Massage is very beneficial for any horse, regardless of age, whether they’re a competitive sport horse, a recreational partner, or a pasture puff.

Equine massage enhances the performance and quality of life of horses by reducing stiffness, increasing flexibility, improving their attitude, and assisting with shortening the recovery time after an injury.

Massage helps more than just the muscle. It can assist horses in relaxation, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing stress on the nervous system, and improving joint motion and flexibility.

If your horse is displaying any of the following symptoms, massage may be able to help:

  • Girthiness

  • Bucking

  • Rearing

  • Head tossing

  • Not picking up/not holding leads

  • Lack of flexion/lack of bend

  • Unsoundness

  • Unevenness in gait

  • Biting

  • Crookedness

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New client initial assessment – 1.5hrs - $75
Subsequent appointments - roughly 1 hr - $55

*Gathering history relative to horse’s issues
*Conformation assessment to determine potential areas of strength and weakness
*Visual movement examination (incl. photos and videos)
*Hands-on assessment to determine pain points and overall body condition
*Full massage treatment
*Recommended stretches and exercises
*Written report explaining findings



*Visual and hands-on assessment to determine asymmetries, weaknesses, posture and overall body condition
*Light touch therapy to address central nervous system, postural imbalances, behavioural issues


Rehab or fitness conditioning - cost varies

Custom conditioning plans available for rehabbing from various injuries to bringing a horse back into work after the winter, to preparing for a 40km endurance ride. Email us with details of what you are looking for and we can prepare a program for you to follow, complete with tracker sheets so you can see the progress.

massage 2.jpg


Roughly 15-20 minutes - $30

* Loosen/warm up muscles

* Increase circulation, relaxation & mental preparedness

* Reduces tension to allow horse to move more freely

* Active stretches to ensure tendons, ligaments are supple & elastic


Roughly 30 minutes - $40

* Assist the horse with quicker recovery and removal of toxins

* Loosens muscle tissue to alleviate post-event soreness

* Passive stretches to ensure tendons, ligaments are supple & elastic


Contact for more information

*Conformation vs posture
*How to spot issues on your horse
*Easy techniques to use between bodywork sessions
*Groundwork and pole exercises to target weakness or disfunction

*fees based on locations within a one hour radius of Walkerton, Ontario. Travel fees may apply to locations outside of this area.