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Equine Massage or Craniosacral Therapy (1-1.5hours) - $80 for initial session, $60 for subsequent sessions

Red Light Therapy or Cold Laser (30 minutes) - $40

Kinesiology Taping - priced according to amount of tape used ($15-$50)

Saddle Assessment - $100 (Combine with a bodywork session - $80)

Baby and Me package - $120

Conditioning Plans and Clinics - contact for a quote

Please contact to discuss custom bundle rates for complex rehabilitation cases as each one is unique.

*fees based on locations within a one hour radius of Walkerton, Ontario. Complimentary travel within an hour of Walkerton. Travel fee of $20 per half hour applies to locations outside of that hour radius. Travel fees can be split among multiple horses in one location.

Bodywork is very beneficial for any horse, regardless of age, whether they’re a competitive sport horse, a recreational partner, or a pasture puff.

Equine bodywork enhances the performance and quality of life of horses by reducing stiffness, increasing flexibility, improving their attitude, and assisting with shortening the recovery time after an injury.

Bodywork helps more than just the muscle. It can assist horses in relaxation, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing stress on the nervous system, and improving joint motion and flexibility.

If your horse is displaying any of the following symptoms, bodywork may be able to help:

  • Girthiness

  • Bucking

  • Rearing

  • Head tossing

  • Not picking up/not holding leads

  • Lack of flexion/lack of bend

  • Unsoundness

  • Unevenness in gait

  • Biting

  • Crookedness

Complete the intake form HERE and we will get to back to you to set up an appointment and provide you with a quote.

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