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Posture and Navicular

"The fundamental importance of whole-body biomechanics is that it explains both the location and character of the lesions and why, in navicular syndrome as in chronic osteoarthritis, therapeutic approaches based only on pharmacotherapy and/or surgical intervention generally fail to prevent the recurrence and progression of disease.

In contrast, for human osteoarthritis patients, the use of mechanical therapies based on the analysis of an individual's whole-body posture and movement is effective in both treating the pain and preventing the disease from progressing no matter how extensive the lesions."

I love working and collaborating with veterinarians but a lot of times, unless they had a fantastic mentor out of vet school, they aren't aware of other alternatives out there.

It makes me wonder how many horses out there were diagnosed with "navicular" and treated in the traditional manner and got worse where a simple change of posture and loading of the foot could have kept them going pain free for longer.

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