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My Background

Ashley has been a certified equine massage therapist since 2021. She has over 20 years experience in the horse industry participating and competing across a wide variety of disciplines so she has a better understanding of the demands placed on horses and what the typical issues in that discipline may be. She competes in the sport of endurance riding, specializing in riding non-traditional breeds, with her appaloosa Splash and her paint Harley.


Her love of learning has led her to complete a number of courses and certifications. In addition to her equine massage certification, she also holds a Diploma in Equine Studies with distinction from the University of Guelph. She is also a certified craniosacral therapist, certified equine kinesiology taping practitioner, has studied trigger point therapy, saddle assessment, hoof care, large animal rescue, equine first aid, equine emergency preparedness, sickness prevention in horses and many ongoing cpd classes and webinars related to horse health and welfare.

Her special interest is in horses that head shake. Her own mare, Splash, developed this condition a number of years ago and she has tried every modality and suggested practice to help. Craniosacral therapy and neuromuscular repatterning have eliminated the need for Splash to be on medication and can now successfully be ridden again.

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